29 Model R Roadster

Hello all. I've been posting about my 29 Sedan bought out of 30 years storage. The old Man also has a '29 Model R Roadster that I can buy. I think he's asking too much.....but I really don't know. It was taken apart for restoration. Engine and transmission completely rebuilt. Body painted (on frame) beautifully......but that was 20 years ago. Still looks great tho. The chassis/frame/wheels/brakes were not restored. The chrome wire wheels need to be rechromed, as does the radiator shell and other items. The 4 seats springs are missing and the top needs new wood bows and fabric. Body wood is solid. But....The car is still disassembled. He's asking 32k but says there are only 5 of these cars known to exist and once finished.....it's a 60-70k car. I'd like anybody's opinion about all this. If I decide to pass on it, I'll certainly let y'all know. Thanks. Todd.

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