29 Super Six Oiling system

I'm trying get my "new to me" Hudson running soon. I dropped the pan to clean sludge and check Babbitt. I see the rod oil scoopers dip into the oil trough for pressure lubrication to the rods and mains. I'm sure there's some splash lubrication goin on as well. But how do the troughs get replenished with oil?? Splash? Dripping from the upper engine? I had a 27 Auburn with a Continental engine and it had a copper tube network in the lower block that peed oil back into its oil troughs. Also I notice what looks like what has to be an oil pump on the front of the engine below the distributor. Does it only supply the timing chain and oil pressure gauge? Camshaft? Is there a Super Six Guru out there that can explain in detail how the oil system functions? Thanks. Todd.

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