1918 water pump repair

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I am new to this group. My name is Clemens, I restore Veteran cars since 30 years. My hometown is in Germany near the Dutch boarder. Please see www.motorremise.de to see some more of my cars.

Last week I bought the lovely 1918 Hudson Super 7-pessanger open tourer from Peter Cornwell. He spent a lot of work to this car. But the water pump is badly worn. I found a company in Leipzig/Germany who will make a copy of the water pump housing and impeller with a 3D printer.

Step 1: Measurement with laser technology
Step 2: Re-construction with CAD software
Step 3: Printing with Aluminium 3D printer
Step 4: Mechanical finishing with milling/drilling machine

The same will be done with the impeller made of stainless steel. The shaft will be made of stainless steel too.

Before I would start with this process, I would like to ask if anybody knows a better source for a 1918 water pump housing and impeller. Right now I do not have an overview about the Super Six spare part market.

Thanks for all information in advance.


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