My Motor Is Unseized !!

3 years ago, when I got the car, I pulled the radiator and put a huge breaker bar on crank bolt and tried to turn the motor (even bought a 3/4 drive socket set for this). It didn't budge. I then sprayed Rust Busters, WD-40 and every other imaginable penetrating spray down the spark plug holes and waited 3 days. Wouldn't budge. I then dumped Marvel Mystery Oil, trannny fluid, kerosene, etc down into those cylinders and waited. 5 days. Weeks. Nothing. My last attempt, I used so much force, I thought I might shear the bolt off. At that point, I stopped. That was 2017.
Today, I put my 1 and 1/2 inch socket on front crank bolt and it turned easy! Imagine my surprise. Those 3 years of soaking and being patient worked. It was beautiful.
Needless to say, change in strategy. 
First thing I gotta do is drain all that out of the oil pan. 
I know this doesn't mean I still won't have to pull the motor and rebuild her, but I have some hope. 
Stay tuned. 


  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,473Senior Contributor
    Patience ?
  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 1,026Expert Adviser, Member
    Carpe diem !

  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,096Senior Contributor
    Next thing is to remove the tappet chamber covers and see if the valves are going up and down.  I would advise removing  the cylinder head as well, you could do a lot of damage if the cylinders are rusted too much.
  • rumblefish351rumblefish351 Posts: 62Member
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    I do have a stripped out spark plug at #3 cylinder. I could take off the head and inspect things and then repair the spark plug threads with a helicoil. Good idea. TY
    Plus, I need to buy a new cap, rotor, points, plug wires, fuel pump, water pump, drive belt, radiator hoses and heater hoses. 
  • Uncle JoshUncle Josh Posts: 2,645Senior Contributor
    Just do the drill, pull motor and trany, take it all apart and check everything.  shim all the bearings correctly, don't forget the cam thrust washer and throwout bearing seal.  Make sure the valve seats and valves are good.  flush and check the tranny, Then you'll have a good-running power plant.  
  • rumblefish351rumblefish351 Posts: 62Member
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    The main reason I come to this forum is for the knowledge, experience and wisdom provided by the commenters. Thank you all. I can add another reason now: humor. I've never heard a drunk Mariachi band, but I'm guessing it doesn't sound that great, esp if the castanet player is 5 shots deep on Tequila! I want my motor to be smooth. I'm thinking Herb Alpert...maybe, The Lonely Bull, something like that (Yes, my Mom did have that record).
    I appreciate everybody's take on how I should proceed. 
  • MikeSheridanMikeSheridan Posts: 124Member
    We need more cowbell!!
  • rusty_apacherusty_apache Posts: 159Member
    Ken U-Tx said:
    Trying to start that engine up as it is will likely result in something sounding like a Tequila soused Mariachi band going heavy on the castanets.......LOUD, BAD sounds.

    Unfortunately engine knocks don’t move along if you decline to pay them!
  • rumblefish351rumblefish351 Posts: 62Member
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    Update. I'm going for it. I pulled the aluminum head and I'm replacing it with a cast iron head that was in the trunk of the car. The head is straight and all the spark plug ports are intact. I have an extra head gasket that was also in the trunk. After pulling the head, I cleaned all the carbon off the piston tops and valves and I've coated the pistons. cylinders and valves with Marvel's and some SAE 30W. I can turn the engine over easily with the socket on front crank pulley. All the valves operate nicely. I changed the oil. I'm gonna torque the head down and then put the starter back on and see if I can get the motor to turn over with the key. Then I may check the compression on each cylinder. Will keep you posted. 
    Edit: The odometer shows 74,000 miles. My Uncle said the motor and transmission were fine. Brakes were good. The ball joints and steering box were a little sloppy. The reason he stopped driving the car was because debris from the gas tank began clogging the fuel line and fuel pump. I'm gonna bypass with a boat gas tank and new fuel hose. Wish me luck!
  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 416Expert Adviser
    Are you sure when you drop the Pan you don’t want to take a look at least ONE set of piston rings? I would think they would be quite crusty.

    regards, Tom
  • supercubsupercub Posts: 118Member
    You may be able to sort it without removing but the chances are 1 in 10. You should clean the pan and do a compression test before starting it. That will tell you that a valve is stuck or a ring is stuck. If the rings are frozen, they can score the cylinder. The mud at the bottom of oil pan will get into the pump screen and clog it. 
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