Hudson Hearse

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    Atchelitz Threshermen's Association in Chilliwack BC Canada has a 1926 Hudson hearse.  It is in a controlled environment and has a Super 6 engine and a wooden body.  It weight 6000 pounds.
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    Here's a NZ '28 Hudson hearse still being used
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    Lovely to see an old hearse still in action. Thanks for the photo of the new zealand beauty. Nice to see a pix of a car in a museum... However I feel they are kind of dead... Like looking at a steam engine in a park... Nice but dead... Cheers ken 
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    A piece of history. 
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    Now that's going down "the passing lane" in style!
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    The NZ hearse "still being used" as a hearse? ...or as a limousine or something?  It kind of looks like seats in the back.
    Oh that Canadian 26 woodwork!  I would have liked to see more. What the Threshermen's Association has there is basically a farming life museum.  If the hearse got out on the road again, I think it would be very popular to hire out for big money - probably need to be in a populated area of the U.S. where we are silly enough to pay big money for that kind of thing.  A fundraising opportunity for the museum? 
    Who would want to go in some modern Cadillac if they could go in that? 
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    I know of several 'vintage' hearses of varying makes here in NZ but this is the only Hudson that I'm aware of. Perhaps it's a NZ thing to make your final trip in an interesting car. The 28 Hudson Hearse was specifically restored/built by a Funeral Director for his business.
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    In Australia I know of a 1920H, two 1924H, and two 1927H hearses. Im sure there are more around. During the depression years a lot of cars were rebodied to become ambulances, fire engines and hearses - all essential vehicles. I also know of 2 Hudson vehicles that were rebodied in 1934. Last year a roundup of HET cars in South Australia visited my place and one of these rebodied hearses was present. Photos were sent to WTN. Do you want your last ride in a Ford or a Hudson.

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