Removing speedometer from Dash 1923 Hudson

Does anyone have the answer to taking the speedometer out of the dash on a 1923 Hudson?
Nothing on the back so I think you have to unscrew the face.  Any special tool? Help!


  • rhurstrhurst Posts: 105Member
    Did get the face off with some gentle prying.  Still no movement of the dial.
    There are two screws on the back may try to unscrew and see what happens......
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 522Expert Adviser

  • rhurstrhurst Posts: 105Member
    Thanks Barry,
    Took the two screws out on the back of the speedometer and the outside case came off and the whole unit slipped right out the front. Thanks for all the photos of the parts. now I can paint!
  • 33kc198933kc1989 Posts: 404Senior Contributor
    I’m going to guess the handle that says PETRY Is for fuel.  If so I’ve never seen as such but then again I’ve haven’t seen a 23 dash either.  
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