Oil Recommendation for '52 308

devindevin Posts: 23Member
Greetings, Can anyone recommend the appropriate weight and brand of choice for the crankcase as well as the auto tranny?
Thank you.


  • railknightrailknight Posts: 367Expert Adviser
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    I used PennGrade partial synthetic 10W-40 in my '53 Super Wasp's 262 crankcase.  It has higher zinc levels for older engines.
  • devindevin Posts: 23Member
    Thank you Railknight
  • railknightrailknight Posts: 367Expert Adviser
    Valvoline VR1 "Racing Oil" (formulated for racing engines, but can be used in passenger cars) is another oil to consider for its high zinc content though I believe it has no synthetic oil qualities.  It comes in numerous weights.  

    Also, Valvoline VR1 is more readily available at auto parts stores versus PennGrade that usually has to be purchased on-line or from places that sell high performance engine products.  I purchase a case of PennGrade synthetic every other year at the bi-annual vintage car swap meet at Jefferson, WI.   
  • 52hudsonman52hudsonman Posts: 36Member
    5 40 diesel oil it has paraffine in it
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 1,918Senior Contributor
    I am thinking of switching to this new Amsoil for my next change.  I have been using Rotella 10W-40 for a number of years but they have cut back on the zinc.

  • devindevin Posts: 23Member
    And for the auto tranny?
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 113Member
    Regular Dexron for the Hydro. 
  • devindevin Posts: 23Member
    thanks cheyenne!

  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,890Senior Contributor
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    Dextron VI in my 1953 Hornet's Hydramatic......Dextron VI is retrograde back to the first Hydramatics, ie: Oldsmobile 1938.....

  • devindevin Posts: 23Member
    Thank you Ken! my apologies fo hastily posting this inquiry in the wrong category.
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