Parts for sale need ID

5433HET5433HET Posts: 131Expert Adviser
I have some trinkets for sale. 53 Hornet steering wheel center, taillamp len, not sure of application, and a open faced interior light fixture, rose bud pattern. Welcome info an offers.


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,623Senior Contributor
    The light fitting is for a 1929 Hudson, Biddle & Smart  custom bodied  car, and the tail light is for 1938 H 6 and 8 (not Terraplane or 112)
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  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    Here is a picture of the same light fitting installed in a 1929 Murphy Body Hudson.....
  • AnnaCarinAnnaCarin Posts: 52Member
    It's a feast for the eyes, thanks for sharing!
  • 5433HET5433HET Posts: 131Expert Adviser
    Rosebuds trump pinecones!
  • AnnaCarinAnnaCarin Posts: 52Member
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    ... and pinecones trump everything else. I still regret that I didn't place a bid when I saw an auction for a nice Essex dash + door handles a couple of years ago. The set was sold for just $75.
    I think only the Greater Eight had rosebuds, while both Super Six and Essex had pinecones, right?
  • strangeplantstrangeplant Posts: 106Member
    Not entirely. My 1928 Hudson Super Six Sedan has a different pattern, and I think it is elegant. Here are interior parts replated after a lot of surface work. I'm going to have them cast in bronze someday, maybe, because I have only one crank.
  • AnnaCarinAnnaCarin Posts: 52Member
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    My previous post was clear as mud, I'm afraid. I was only thinking of what there was in 1929. IMHO the rosebuds and pinecones are nicer designs than other brands of all-over embossed dashes, like those shown on this page - no slight intended on other years of HET cars, of course.
    The 1928 pattern is very classy, I hadn't seen closeups of such parts until the foot bar the other day. It's special because it was Hudson's last year for nickel plating too. You've really restored those parts to look like new!

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