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Hello all! I'm currently trying to negotiate the purchase of my first vintage auto - 1953 Hudson Super Jet. The gas tank is pretty rusted inside and I was thinking that until funds allowed for a proper tank resto, I'd run either a 15 gallon plastic or aluminum fuel cell in the trunk. Has anyone out there gone this route? Thanks in advance!


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    Try Tanks inc i bought a universal tank that matched my truck tank all steal if you do it once you will save money  in the long run
    Just my 2 cents
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    Gas Tank Renu (with branches in many large cities) will repair your tank for somewhere in the vicinity of $350.  And, as you may know, brand new original-style tanks are now being produced by MoparPro for $600 apiece (see photo below).  (UPDATE: I'M NOT SURE THIS FITS THE JET!)

    However, if the rust in the tank is only "surface" rust, you may get off lightly by using a chemical cleaner to remove the rust, and then coating the inside of the tank with a special sealer made for gas tanks.  If the tank is actually rusted away in places, you would have to patch it yourself or go to Gas Tank Renu.

    I have never heard of using a plastic tank, but it might work.  You could Google the concept and see if anyone has done this before (in any make of car, not just Hudson).
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    You could try a gas tank sealer. The kit is sold by eastwood and they have a video on there web site about this. A friend of mine used it and it worked great, he saved his old tank. Kit costs about 45 dollar.
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    I have used a fuel cell purchased from Summit in a couple of my cars as a temporary solution until I had a factory tank ready.
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    Thanks Folks! I've decided to grab an aluminum fuel cell from Speed Daddy to use until I can do the tank.There's so much internal rust that it clogs up the inline filter and for $105 delivered, its tough to go wrong!
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