Towing a hudson

drivergo2drivergo2 Posts: 375Expert Adviser
Can a 52 hudson hornet be towed on one of those two wheeled tow dollies .? Thanks John 


  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,874Expert Adviser
    Not recommended!!!
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,704Senior Contributor
    If you do, remove the drive shaft.

  • ski4life65ski4life65 Posts: 976Expert Adviser
    Not a great idea, but better than flat towing. I did it once when I was younger from Michigan to Florida, but it was a little dicey.  Also be careful turning, the dolly may damage car fenders.  remove drive shaft as Geoff says.

  • supersixsupersix Posts: 61Member
    My 1951 commodore 6 convertible that I bought in Minot N.D. from a man who didn’t tell the truth quit on the San Mateo bridge with my two year old Son in it. A very bad situation on a freeway two lane bridge. The Cal trans tow truck came. I had a choice a tow to the West side and drop it or a round trip and drop and drop it. I chose the round trip. It ruined my transmission as they towed it with the rear wheels on the ground, in neutral but rear wheels turning. I got another tow truck to get it home. I took the transmission out and took it to Wayne Ballerstein and thinking it would save me some money I said “ take your time “ He did , almost two years . I never really drove it again. I sold it at an auction in Las Vegas and barley broke even. I learned not to buy a car advertised as “ restored to highest specifications “ from a Lawyer in North Dakota and don’t let them tow it with the wheels on the ground unless you can disconnect the driveshaft. The  way they drive out here I’m lucky they didn’t hit it , total it and kill my little boy. 
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