34T Nobody knows anything?

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Anytime I have made inquiries about 34 T bumper parts I get little or no responses.  Nobody knows anything about the Terraplane bumper guards with the hexagons?  Nobody has any or knows where to get any?
I know they exist - couple pictures attached.

Anybody need ONE Hudson bumper guard with the triangle?  It was sold with a set of 2 plain guards.



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    Perhaps they were on the 34H and not the more popular 34Ts. I have also been stumbling around in the dark trying to find the correct 1935 front body parts. Not many cars were made during the depression years and a lot of people with the knowledge that we seek are no longer with us. We dont unfortunately have a 1934H Technical adviser.
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    Not sure what you mean; the bumper guard I have pictured was from a Hudson, no doubt - hence the triangle and not the hexagon as for Terraplane.  What I am looking for is a set of the hexagon bumper guards.
    Yes, it has always been strange that definite production numbers are not available for many years.  The serial number run would seem to say that some 44,000 Terraplanes were made in 1934, if those numbers can be used ...did they skip blocks of serial numbers?  I've seen numbers of 20K to 30K for 1934 Hudson production.
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    if those numbers can be used ...did they skip blocks of serial numbers? 

    We don't even know that, for sure.  If anyone has any info regarding this, I would be interested in it as well.  As far as most are concerned, all of that info was lost in the merger, except for what Conde saved.  
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    Interesting discussion.  I have been looking for two of the bumper guards for a long time but the plain ones. Two came with my 35 Hudson coupe but I have been unable to locate any more .  Mind you I am in NewZealand so probably a lot more difficult than in the USA
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    Trevor; that's my point - it's not easy here either.  Pretty much, anybody who has anything will not part with it.  Just find one more with the Hudson triangle and you can have this one.  These were sold on EBay some time in the last couple years - why there were two plain and one with triangle is unknown.  I asked the forum at the time if there was some configuration where 2 plain bumper guards were used with 1 triangle in the middle or something - got no responses on that.
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    1934 models had the Hexagon for Terraplane, and Triangle for Hudson.  From '35 on, all  were plain.  
  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 355Expert Adviser
    Hmm! I will probably just get one cast.
    Thanks anyway
  • dholckdholck Posts: 129Expert Adviser
    Geoff; Thanks!  That's the kind of information I'm trying to get on the forum.  Please see question below about bumper shapes.

    So, Trevor has 2 correct plain bumper guards for his 35H.  I have 1 for a 34H and 2 plain, which I am planning on putting on my 34T, since I can't find any with the hexagons. 
    Trevor; find me some with the hexagons and you can have the lot.  :)
    "...get one cast"  I know these things can be done - a few years ago somebody reproduced the 34T hood ornaments - but that would be costly and hard to do, wouldn't it?  ...All the mounting hardware, etc. 
    Is this one of those projects where people who are interested would commit to buying some to spread the cost?  Or are Trevor and I the only ones who want bumper guards?

    I need to look at the 3 bumper guards I have to see if there is a difference in the shape. That is, how did the top-to-bottom shape/profile of 34T bumper and 34H bumper compare to each other, and to 35T and 35H?  If the bumper shapes are all the same, then it may be relatively easy to get the shape cast in either plain, triangle, or hexagon.  

    I know there was some difference in the overall shape - at least of the bumper ends.  ...as can be seen on photo of my 34T parked next to a 35H.  Curved ends on the 35H bumper.  Maybe those plain 35H guards won't even fit on a 34T bumper?
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    Sorry, I can't give you that detail.

  • dholckdholck Posts: 129Expert Adviser
    Geoff; I think we can say that the top-to-bottom profiles of 1934 and 1935 bumpers are different.  My brother and I were looking closely at the 34T bumper to see where the plain bumper guards (1935) would fit - they did not seem to fit well anywhere, front or back.  I noted also that "35 Hudson" is written on the bracket in felt pen.  Especially troublesome were the attachment brackets that go around the back of the bumper - even if you find a spot where the profile in the bumper guard is close, the brackets were not correctly angled to hold the guard to the bumper.  You could probably get close by doing some bending on the brackets, but I'd say they do not fit on a 34T.  The one thing I stupidly did not do was take the 34 Hudson guard with me to see if that profile and bracket was right on the 34T.
    So, sometimes your EBay finds are duds.  I have 3 brackets for Hudsons and none for Terraplane.
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    I have just had a eureka moment.  You are quite right the profiles are completely different.  I thought I had a good find some years ago and brought a very good condition 34 front bumper thinking it would fit the 35 but alas it did not.  Any how I digress A number of years ago I brought a 1934 Hudson 8 Sedan as a parts car. I still have that car and the inside is full of all sorts of goodies.  After reading the last post it got me thinking so I went and pulled the rear bumper out of the car.From what I can now see it would appear that the bumpers that have the bumper guards attached are only on the front and the rear has a flat plate attached to the irons which have the triangle insert.  I will send a picture as soon as my camera charges.  I would say I am correct. I have one complete rear bumper and another set of rear Irons.  Both have the flat plates attached and you will be able to see how they attach.  These certainly look factory
  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 355Expert Adviser
    Maybe unique to the 34s
  • Trevor JTrevor J Posts: 355Expert Adviser
    I have attached photos of the rear bumper for a 34 Hudson 8 sedan with the triangle plates attached to the bumper Irons also a set of spare Irons that I have showing how they are attached.  Possibly the 35 Terraplane had the Hexagon stamped in them.  The triangle seems to be a stamping as opposed to an engraving.  Whats everyone thoughts
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    Trevor; you can see on the photo of 35 Hudson I posted that my 34 Terraplane next to it has the flat plate "guards" above the bumper with hexagons [I'll attach another view].  Yes the guards look to be factory and the hexagon is stamped in, cast in, or whatever.  I see numerous other pictures on the internet of 34T with those "guards" in the rear.

    So, what I was looking for are those front bumper guards with the hexagon, which were apparently unique to 34T.  I also posted pictures of cars with those - and those would be the Terraplane version of the one 34 Hudson front bumper guard that I have pictured above.  Trevor - sent you a PM.
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 6Member
    I have them on my 34 terraplane coupe. I’ll send pics in the am
  • ToddhToddh Posts: 6Member
    Pics of the rear bumper on my 34
  • dholckdholck Posts: 129Expert Adviser
    Todd; there were no pictures with your post. 
    Are you talking about pictures of the front bumper guards like this?  I was more looking for somebody who has some to sell.  That is; the accessory bumper-attached guards with the hexagons, not the uprights attached behind the rear bumper.

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