another project

bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,570Senior Contributor
This one is still in the "what if" stages.  hmm?  I still think the engine is too far forward.  :D 


  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 346Member
    I will admit it.
    I mainly clicked the images to check out your work shop.
    Some nice looking and industrial kit you got there mate.
    well jealous. Awesome space man. 
    haven't seen a press on casters before. You seem to have a different press for every day of the week. i have no doubt all that kit has been well used.

    As for "What If"
    what if it was chopped, dropped and channeled!!!
    Fade away fenders.
    V12 or maybe one of those new Tesla setups that goes 0-60miles in under 2 seconds whilst no doubt making you a cup of coffee and reading your horoscope.

    Ok i will go now to my small garage and try not to think of that huge space and think how nice it would be to have a single press i could do louvers with.

    love ya work.

  • bent metalbent metal Posts: 1,570Senior Contributor
    You have a good eye Alex.  That little press is pretty good.  I bought the air over hydraulic jack from harbor freight, got casters while I was there too.  That's the way to go for a press.  Now it's fast and I can move it anywhere easily. All for about a hundred bucks.  More pictures of different projects on Instagram, perryscustommetal.  Not too much Hudson stuff there though. Tag me if you go on, so I know who you are and I can see what you are up to.       These pics are really of two projects.  The body I had to move off of it's chassis so some work could be done to it.  Needed a place to put the body so I set it down on this '36 Terraplane chassis that is being modified, with a Ford motor.  This chassis will get a custom body made for it.
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