34 Terraplane Update

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Here's a few pictures of the last couple of months work. We should be starting her up in the next week (once the exhaust is completed). Then back to paint.


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    It looks great except choice of wheels and tires.   They make or break.  
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    You are the guy I was looking for with my JUN 8 post looking for a 34T air cleaner!  You don't happen to have one that you'd sell, do you?
    Are you going to put the hex-and-wings back on the nose?  This was a Challenger with no windwings?  Interesting on the headlights - presumably half converted to halogen. I also had the 36 bullet headlights with regular sealed beams on my 34 for a time - I went back to the big chrome original Tribeams.

    Wheels and tires and paint color and everything else are of course a matter of personal taste.  Otherwise we'd all still drive black Model Ts.  Many do not understand the appeal of street rodding these cars at all, but, as you would know, one of the hallmarks of the HET Club has always been their embracing of all forms of Hudsoning - rodded or stock.  Plus, every 34T coupe that goes rod means my original gets more rare. 
    Hudsonly, for almost 50 years (got the car out of my grandma's garage in 1973, where it had already been for more than 20 years).
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    Hey - I just looked back - is this the same car you were working on in 2009?  Interesting - I think it was over 15 years before I had mine on the road.  I've commented over the years and looks like you may have found your hood ornament base etc. Did you ever find a front window latch?  Original headlights have been out there - even now https://www.ebay.com/itm/1934-Hudson-Terraplane-TRIBEAM-HEADLIGHT-ASSEMBLIES-Original-pair-coupe-sedan-/323773522464

    This fellow advertised some 34 parts in the WTN and I bought some a year ago.  He had  window latch parts that I did not buy, since the pot metal base was broken just like mine was.  He also had hood latches and hood ornaments.  HETrosellajohn@hotmail.com (you know the address drill).
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    dholck, I am putting the hex and wings back on the nose. The car was put on hold, after I pulled it from Fantomworks. They were doing terrible work and it wasn't cheap. Once I did that, I put two kids through college, but now I'm back on track! Hope to have things complete by October? I am still looking for the hood latches, so if anyone has them, HELP ME, PLEASE! Walt

  • dholckdholck Posts: 126Expert Adviser
    As I say; try contacting John Rosella and see what he might have left from those parts he was selling a year ago.  I got a hood ornament base from him - took 40 years to find a spare.  I have a place that makes a nice vinyl overlay piece for the "Terraplane" lettering on the hood ornament - I found that it was hard to find anybody to paint it, and the vinyl means the lettering will be crisp and nice even if not sharp anymore from re-plating.  Vinyl also worked great for the hubcaps (not of interest for you).
    In my experience, you tend to get zero replies from anybody on any parts or help you want on the 34s; I got nothing on the air cleaner, nothing on bumper guard ID; nothing.  I understand that probably most folks are not interested in getting rid of anything extra they have - I had best results from the hot rod forum where some parts are not of interest to them anymore ...like if somebody rodded a 34 and did not put the hood sides on it, they'd have latches. 
  • dustymaxhudsondustymaxhudson Posts: 186Expert Adviser
    I know how you feel! I didn't have side curtains on my hood and it took years to get them. I have to figure out what I'm going to do for hood latches real soon because the paint should be completed in about a month. I bought my coupe hotrodded, so I didn't have any of the engine parts! I contacted someone a couple of months ago that had 34 parts listed on the forum, but he didn't have what I was looking for any longer. I do have a spare rock guard/ splash pan that goes in the bottom of the grill shell if you need one. I never did find the windshield latch parts, so I decided to go with a fixed windshield. Post a picture of your 34. I love the classics!
  • dholckdholck Posts: 126Expert Adviser
    You'd think that some reproduction hood latch for Ford or Chevy or something would work - I think you said at one time that you had some Ford, but they did not 'pull right'.  That is the kind of thing I'd have posted on the forum in hopes of getting an answer from some expert who knows what other car had the same geometry latches as Hudson ...but nobody responds to anything - old 34 guys don't use computers?  If no other option, I'd be inclined to check what could be done to fabricate something that would get the Ford latches to sit right.

    Let me know if you have an interest in the hood ornament inserts.  They can make them in various colors; I think most people agreed that they were white background, but I remember mine was brown/bronze color, but that could have been from age.  When reproduction 34T hood ornaments were available they were doing them with white background.

    My profile picture is of the 34 in its previous iteration; it still has the 36 headlights and wide whitewalls and under-bumper blinkers.  The way it is now is a Terraplane K "dressed as a KU."  I have the fender lights for blinkers, original headlights, chrome horns, fender skirts, etc.  I went to 16 inch wheels and black wall old-look radials (no factory photos of 34s with wide whites, as they say).
    If it was John Rosella you checked, then that's the only 34 parts source I've seen lately.  
  • dustymaxhudsondustymaxhudson Posts: 186Expert Adviser
         I have an excellent fabricator working on the hood now. I'm sure he'll come up with a fix for the latches. I am interested in the inserts. Have you had any issues with them staying in place? 
         We started the Coupe up last week and it sounded great! Started on the first crank. I hope to take it out for a test run next week. I'll let you know how that goes and try and post some pictures. My upholsterer is also coming into town next week to go over my plans for the interior. Things are finally moving along pretty quickly now!  

  • dustymaxhudsondustymaxhudson Posts: 186Expert Adviser
    Paint is complete! Assembly is in progress. Goes to the upholster end of the month. 
  • tomttomt Posts: 5Member
    You are definitely building a winner keeping the exterior looking stock.  My 34 has won numerous best of shows, NSRA cover car and Chrome calendar.  Show attendees appreciate the uniqueness of this car.   Tom
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    Did I not ever answer your question about the hood ornament vinyl inserts?  No, I have had no problems with them at all; they seem to hold up amazingly well - also on the hubcaps.  Even a vinyl insert on a reproduction muffler tip 'diffuser' with the Terraplane hexagon logo - I figured it would not last because of the heat from the exhaust - doing fine so far.
  • Old Fogey UKOld Fogey UK Posts: 183Expert Adviser
    If you're still looking for hood latches, I think WW2 Jeep ones will work. You can get repro ones at a fairly low price, so maybe worth a try ?
     I have a '34 Hudson 8 but the latches on my friend's Jeep look identical, save for them being painted rather than chromed.
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    @dholck - Yes you answered all my questions! Thanks you! @Old Fogey UK - My fabricator designed a latch that works well. Thanks @tomt Beautiful Terraplane! I have had a number of offers for my 34 even when it wasn't in the shape it's currently in. They are unique and something you don't see at shows!
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    DMH; I guess you got your hood ornament issues resolved.
    For Tom and Mary-Ann; FYI there were no 1934 "Hudson Terraplanes" - in 34 they were just Terraplanes (change from the 32 and 33 Essex Terraplanes). They had in mind to make it a separate marque ...much as you wouldn't say a "Ford Mercury." Yes, it does muddy the waters somewhat that they did later go with "Hudson Terraplane."  Looks like yours must have been a model KS 'Challenger' (unless you removed the wind wings during rodding).
    My prejudiced view - having had a 34 K coupe for 46 years that was in my grandma's garage for 20 years before that - is that they are never more beautiful than when stock.
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