1937 Hudson Terraplane

Could anyone tell me if there is a difference between a 1937 Hudson and a 1937 Terraplane steering box. I looked in the book and it doesn't distinguish between the two.


  • tombiatombia Posts: 141Member
    standard terraplane used a diff. box than Hudson or deluxe terraplane, but will interchange.
  • terraplanepilotterraplanepilot Posts: 64Member
    Thank you for your response. Is this a complete remove and replace bolt in operation or would I have to change anything to make it fit?
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,942Administrator
    Actually, the 1937 H & T Parts Manual lists the steering box as being the same for all models, Hudson and Terraplane.  #153323 for left hand drive,  #153324 for right hand.
  • tombiatombia Posts: 141Member
    The Hudson and Deluxe used the improved version with roller sectorshaft.
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