first start up

duncanduncan Posts: 807Expert Adviser
I started our 54 Hornet Hollywood up for the first time since last October.I turned on the electric fuel pump and looked at carbs to see if they were over flowing no over flow. Pumped gas 4 times and turned the key.I was dis appointed that it took about 3 engine turns before it started. Just kidding that was pretty awesome to start that quick after the winter nap for the car.  Ray from the great white north


  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 600Member
    I always use premium starting fluid on the air filters after a long car nap. Will potentially save turning starter a long time. Also use battery minders on everything. And of course the elec fuel pump. Also, Stabil continously since I don't drive the old cars that much. 
    Reminds me of something else: I use the hang up desiccant to keep any mildew from inside the car and keep it smelling good. Watch for a color change, plug it in socket for a while and it is brand new again; about once per month. Called: Eva-dry E-333 Amazon/Home Depot/etc.

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