1952 Hollywood wasp

had front seat removed and upholstered I need a picture of where the spring hooks for the seat handle


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    I don't want to have to unbolt the seat from my car so I simply drew a picture. The little spring hooks in a tiny hole on the top side of the sliding track rail near the outside edge, right above the handle. You must remove the two screws holding the handle to the metal seat pan first, then the 4 bolts holding the seat pan to the track rails, and just tilt the seat pan and backs backwards towards the back seat. Now you can use needle nose pliers to hook that little spring into the little hole on the drivers side seat track. Next set the seat pan back down on the track rails and bolt it back down. Now carefully reach thru that rectangular hole on the seat pan behind the handle and hold the handle shaft and bracket up to align the speed nuts with the holes in the seat pan and put those two screws back in and tighten them down. BE CAREFUL when sticking your hand through that rectangular hole, as the stamped steel edges are sharp and can cut you, maybe tape the edges with masking tape.
  • My first drawing is a little off, the spring is actually behind the handle, not in front. image
  • Pictures of the handle assembly.  The Spring connects to the handle and a clipin point manufactured into the seat pan. 
  • The spring does NOT hook to the seat pan....it hooks to the top of the track rail, as the handle the seat all move together on that rail.
  • Maybe this will be of some help.

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    onerare39 said:

    Maybe this will be of some help.

    Thank YOU. I could not find a photo in my archives that show it so well......By he way, the seat track in that picture is of the 1948-51 version, using those die cast track guides. IN 1952 they changed it to steel guides, and used that revised design up til '54.
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    thanks John; some how the group speak is working
  • thanks for the info
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