57 Rambler

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    This question was posted to the New Zealand HET Club website. Can anyone throw any light on this problem. It's well outside of my field!!
    Thanks  Dave Young,  New Zealand

    hi, I am working on a 1957 rambler 6 cyl & have lots of end float in rear axles.Do you have a club member who may advise meif the axles wear as i cannot see how to lessen play (all shims have been removed) Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Earle
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    Hi Dave.

    He should contact Darryl Snook in Christchurch I am sure he could answer his questionsHis ph no is

    03 3292220.

    Trevor . 

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    Thx Trevor.
    I've handed on Darryl's details.

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    Sounds like you need a torque tube trunion. Opps wrong post!  Delete this!
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