In checking through some of the issues we have in this forum I noticed a number of people whose avatars are still pointing at the very old forum which was hosted by classiccar.com.

I have a list of people who have used the forum in the last year and will , slowly, get around to letting you who you are so you can arrange to redo your pictures


  • Thanks Paul!  I hadn't even thought about that.  I think I re-did mine, so...

  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,097
    Where do you go again to re-do them?  
  • Russ,

    If you click on your user name in the top left hand corner of the page it'll take you to your profile page. Hover over the picture (or where the picture would be) and you should get a link appear saying "Change Picture".

    Select that and upload a new one
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,097
    When I do that, it says, "Page Not Found".  

  • Ken U-TxKen U-Tx Posts: 3,585
    I see Baron Munchhausen is still flying on his cannonball, so all's well on this end....
  • Russ,

    You're okay as your avatar is being displayed which means you have at some stage uploaded it to this forum.

    As for the "Page not Found" ...

    You may be aware that we've had some problems on here with Private Messages and Attach a file. These have been tracked back to an upgrade to the forum software which appears to have somewhat broken the "permissions" that people had so I am having to build an empty copy of the forum elsewhere and fix the problems there so bear with me
  • RonSRonS Posts: 790
    I have that issue as well. That is, no page found.
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,097
    Thank you, Paul. I changed my Avatar.  
  • I've "spoken" to a few of you.

    There was a slight gotcha in my methods; I concentrated on fixing the "Members" permissions but forgot about you "Senior Contributors" out there.

    That has been put right now so for those of you that got "Page not Found" please try again
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,097
    Not sure how you can tell anymore, Paul.  Those "titles" are no longer listed beside the avatars.  
  • If you click on a user name Russ it take to the profile and it's in there.

    You'll have to bear with me because it's not something I noticed but it used to be displayed next to the avatar?

    I'll dig around in the settings and see what can be done.

    As I've said it was an upgrade to a later version of the forum software that messed up the settings database table and it may be that this later version behaves differently to the previous way in certain ways.

    We'll work through it. I've now set up a "test bed" forum so any future upgrades will happen in there first so if it breaks then we don't break it for everyone :)
  • TOM-WA-TOM-WA- Posts: 625
  • Tom,

    Try now; a setting right in front of my eyes that I missed ...

    I changed the test hack we have to be a "Senior Contributor" and got the same problem.

    Once I looked at the settings I spotted it straight away , fixed it and the test hack can now change its profile picture
  • Hey Russ,

    Does that look what it used to now?
  • ESSX28-1ESSX28-1 Posts: 1,332
    Thanks Paul. I managed to change my avatar!!
    Dave Y
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,097
    No.  I don't see anything next to anyone's avatar that says things like, "Moderator", "Administrator", "Senior Contribtor", etc.  
  • Strange; I do 

    Next to yours in this post I see "Administrator,Moderator" and the previous one from Dave shows him as "Senior Contributor".

    Just to check I'm looking at the forum via Chrome as well.
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 1,607
    Are the numbers associated with the poster Avatars thier CPU esn?
  • ESSX28-1ESSX28-1 Posts: 1,332
    Thanks Paul. I managed to change my avatar!!
    Dave Y
  • This is one way to get people to log back on the forum!  :)  It's been a while. Avatar updated.
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