Hudson T-Shirts

Have some older designs, Most Sizes available .  Heather Gray in I Heart Hudsons or Lt Blue for the factory.  10.00 each includes shipping Ground
for regular sizes small to XL ,  XXL or XXXL add $2.00 .  Email .  Credit card or check.   


  • pictures of the shirts?
  • kiwijeffkiwijeff Posts: 181
    Yup, I'd be keen if I could see em. Recently had one made at local t shirt place, 29 grille badge, small on left front breast, and large on back. Guy says only wash in cold wash, and I do. After two washes, the large back print has faded considerably. Cost me$50 Kiwi. I'm far from impressed.
  • kiwijeffkiwijeff Posts: 181
    This may be a scam, its a one post spam at the least. Almost emailed, but unless the OP comes back with pics, I'd avoid this like I'm avoiding my local t shirt place.
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