Hudson T-Shirts

Have some older designs, Most Sizes available .  Heather Gray in I Heart Hudsons or Lt Blue for the factory.  10.00 each includes shipping Ground
for regular sizes small to XL ,  XXL or XXXL add $2.00 .  Email .  Credit card or check.   


  • bull_islanderbull_islander Posts: 585Expert Adviser
    pictures of the shirts?
  • kiwijeffkiwijeff Posts: 181Member
    Yup, I'd be keen if I could see em. Recently had one made at local t shirt place, 29 grille badge, small on left front breast, and large on back. Guy says only wash in cold wash, and I do. After two washes, the large back print has faded considerably. Cost me$50 Kiwi. I'm far from impressed.
  • kiwijeffkiwijeff Posts: 181Member
    This may be a scam, its a one post spam at the least. Almost emailed, but unless the OP comes back with pics, I'd avoid this like I'm avoiding my local t shirt place.
  • BeforemytimeBeforemytime Posts: 111Member
    Guys, get want you want locally. I had this hat made at an embroidery shop from a .jpg picture found on the internet. Probably should have made some shirts too but I didn't think of it. Today's equipment makes it easy to get what you want, I just sent the image by text or email and it was done in a few days. 
  • JFrommJFromm Posts: 305Senior Contributor
    The person selling the shirts is Bonnie Divito. Haven't seen her in a number of years. She and her ex husband Joe used to go to most of the national meets.Have ordered from her before with no problems. Even sent her my Hudzilla shirt to get reproduced. It shows a Godzilla like monster stomping on a Mopar dealer.
  • ValVal Posts: 1,009Member
    Nice hat Beforemytime, I too maybe interested if I could see pics of the shirts.
  • KdancyKdancy Posts: 2,482Senior Contributor
    Very nice hat! I would be interested in a pocket t shirt.
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