Memorabilia or was this actually functional on a car?


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,523Senior Contributor
    You ar e probably not far off the mark.  Looks like something to do with a Hudosn Barber's chair.
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  • railknightrailknight Posts: 507Expert Adviser
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    Judging from the Hudson logo seen in the photo, my guess is those items may be associated with a Hudson garden/bug sprayer. 



  • StillOutThereStillOutThere Posts: 838Expert Adviser
    Without question, that is the Hudson garden equipment logo.

  • onerare39onerare39 Posts: 1,078Expert Adviser, Member
    A cockroach or slug hotel?
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,004Administrator, Member
    A cockroach or slug hotel?

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  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 3,371Senior Contributor
    looks like a Chicken feeder made by Hudson Garden products.

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  • BrowniepetersenBrowniepetersen Posts: 2,870Senior Contributor
    I agree with SuperDave. I use it when I have new chicks. 
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,102Member
    So Brownie you use this for picking up chicks???   REALLY ?  LOL
  • fliptopfliptop Posts: 248Member
    Vintage Cigar Holder
  • scottcrow22scottcrow22 Posts: 146Member
    I'm going with vintage cigar holder...;).....thanks for the comments everyone!
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