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Attached is a copy of the online bulletin index.  These are noted in the regular index, but not broken down as in the bulletin index. 
Astute readers may note, on the last 3 pages, that the technical bulletin numbers don't quite match up to what Hudson issued.  When Art Adams was editor of the White Triangle News he made up bulletins from Hudson material - and other sources - and placed them as center folds in the WTN's of the time.  Thus, by his numbering system, "TS" meant "Technical Specification" and the number - ie, 77-1 - meant 1977, 1st bulletin.

I had a bunch of left over material from my General Info Handbook so I made up bulletins following Art's format.  Thus TS 94-01 means Technical Specification, 1994, No. 1.  I changed a little when I got to the last volume - those numbers follow the year of the material; thus TS 38-01 means 1938, bulletin No. 1.

These technical bulletins are the last 3 pages.

Many of these bulletins are of general interest, perhaps, to researchers.  However, there is a lot of information, if the reader knows where to look.  For example Car Distribution Department Bulletins give info on models, serial numbers, etc.  General Accessory Policies and Info. Bulletins give a lot of information on accessories that were available.  General Technical Policies and Info. Bulletins have info on models and prices.

I would ask anyone who has a collection of these bulletins that are not listed in the library to please come forth and loan them to me so I can put them online. Copies will be just fine.   Thank you.

Alex Burr
Memphis, TN 
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