For sale, also looking for more info about my: Updraft Carbureter by Marvel Model VE 10-195

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Hello, was once a member but had to sell my 1929 Hudson Super Six. I got this carburetor as part of the original purchase deal. It did not work for that car, so it has been sitting in my shop.  I would like to sell it.  I have pictures. It's in great shape, and was rebuilt from the original. The numbers on it are 10-195. Wording on it is Model "VE" Made in the USA. Marvel carbureter Co., Flint, Michigan. Patent dates and patent pending. Of course, there is the summer/winter switch.  I cannot find one of these online anywhere.  Would love feedback and more knowledge, would also like a buyer. I am located near Columbus, Ohio.


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    This is for a 1929 essexx
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    Thank you!

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    My 1929 Essex  carby is a two jet and  has a V on float bowl top, and casting numbers on side of air-elbo  10-140. Number on float bowl assy is 65-66

    My 1930 Essex  carby is a two jet and has VE on float bowl top, and casting numbers on side of air- elbow  10-195.  number on float bowl assy is 65-89.

    My 1931 Essex carby is a three jet and has no letters on top, casting numbers on air-elbo 10-195. number on float bowl assy is 65-101.
    1929 carby's will not fit 1930 or 1931 or 1932 engine manifolds.

    1930, 1931 will fit either year, both will run fine, from my experience.

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