Best place to mount a sideview mirror on a stepdown

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I recently purchased from Dale Cooper a new sideview mirror that's similar in appearance to the type Hudson offered in late 1950 on up.  I'm wondering what's the best place or "sweet spot" for mounting the mirror to the driver's door.  I haven't been able to find any information or illustrations that Hudson may have issued in the past regarding this.  Any suggestions appreciated!


    You might try Hemmings, on the web site, then look up Hudson cars for sale, I did this when I installed my spotlight
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    Put them where you can see the cars beside you.  Based on what was on my parts car, I made the mistake of putting some side view mirrors far enough up the front fender so that I could see them through the windshield.  I could see the mirrors, but not what they were reflecting.  I moved them back to to the door where I could see them through the vent windows.  Works for me....
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    Personally I like this style:

    I have one on my '54 and it looks great.  I have the regular door mount style on my '50 and when get a chance it goes and I will need to patch the screw holes unfortunately 
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