Pacemaker wheel cylinders

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Hi everybody!  I'm thinking about replacing the brakes on my '51 Pacemaker sedan, and I'm trying to line up some parts so I can have everything available when I'm ready to do the job.  I was looking at some older posts that listed EIS parts 9090 and 9091 for Pacemaker front wheel cylinders (apparently Pacemaker wheel cylinders are different from the senior models).  I found the following item on eBay and was wondering if it would work...

Are the rear wheel cylinders the same for Pacemakers and senior models?  Does anyone have any other sources for wheel cylinders (both front and back)?  



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    The rear wheel cylinders are the same for the Pacemaker and Senior models.

    The front wheel cylinders are different for the Pacemaker.  I think they were 1 1/16" bore instead of 1 1/8" bore.

    NAPA carries all the wheel cylinders for the senior cars.  The 3 hoses can use the same part number.
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    NAPA 11149 works for both front hoses and the rear hose.

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    The brake switch is probably NAPA # ECH SL 134 like the senior cars.  Master cylinder may be different.
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    More NAPA part#s

    Rear Wheel Cylinder (Left, 40-54 Hudson)
    Rear Wheel Cylinder (Right , 40-54 Hudson)

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    These part numbers are listed in the 2018 Jan. WTN
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