Interior moisture drainage. '53 Wasp.

dalmadalma Posts: 14Member
To drain off moisture from inside the windshield there's an outlet at the bottom outer corners of the windshield under the dash. That outlet connects to a half inch diameter x 1ft rubber hose which exits to the exterior (as far as I can see) just under the hood hinge spring. Can anybody tell me if that is where the hose ends (under the hinge springs) or is there more hose that connects to it that runs down behind the front fenders. I'd just like to know where that water goes.
Regards, Bill.


  • ratlee2ratlee2 Posts: 316Expert Adviser
    You can see here in the photo that the small tube just exits behind the front fender.
  • LanceLance Posts: 1,036Member
    Bill, It ends at the end of the hose next to cowl nothing more. The water then drains onto the top of the frame rail. Early 1948 models didn't even have the drainage pipes from the dash/windshield  frame at all. You had to fab them up yourself. Clearly the drainage problem was an after thought.
  • dalmadalma Posts: 14Member
    Many thanks guys. That answers that.
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