1953 Hornet Perimeter Rails/Under Rear Seat Section

bjgundbjgund Posts: 44Member
Hi Folks:
Does anyone out there in Hudsonland have a nice set of perimeter rails inner and/or outer, either new old stock, replacement stock or good used rails to fit a 53 Hudson Hornet? If you have something I can use & will be traveling to Hershey I could pick them up from you there o/a 10/8/21.  I need both sides; the section below the wheel well & the curved piece leading to the front of the car. Also, the metal around the hump under rear seat section. Email popgun7@comcast.net or 717-360-4910. Thanks.  (see photos).


  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,257Expert Adviser
    Having been on my website you know the scarcity of NOS pieces.  The pictured items are the first and only set of Crash Part Rails I have seen in the 57 years I have owned Hudsons.  The best bet is to have a metal shop fab you replacements the second option can be replacement pieces cut from a rust free donor.. yes there are such cars.   Check with Al Saffrahn in AZ for donor car. Good Luck. 
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