53 Hudson Hornet Twin H has no power to anything.

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I have a 53 Hudson Hornet Twin H with a 6 volt system and after it had set for awhile I charged the battery for a bit, started it up and drove it 40 miles. I parked it and went back the next day to pick it up and have no electrical to anything including dash lights. Put new 6 volt battery in and still nothing. Would the voltage regulator or solenoid  have anything to do with this as I have never had this problem before. Any help would be appreciated..........Thanks, David Warthan


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    There is I believe a 40 amp curcuit breaker under the dash near the steering column.  Do you have power going to a from it?
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    If "no power" means nothing works (lights, horn, radio, etc) clean all the battery cables and ground connections to remove any crud build up. Make sure your new battery is connected correctly 6v positive ground.
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    Start at the battery, and, using a volt meter, or a test light, trace out the circuit to see where the power stops. see that your new battery has voltage first. Then see if you have power to the solenoid. Then if you have power to the ignition switch. etc.etc. You can see a wiring diagram on the club website. First rule to good connections is that everything needs to be bright (clean) and tight.
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    Use a battery cleaner and get those battery posts bright.  The do the same for the ground strap and be sure both ends of the cable are clean.  Sand off the connection points on the engine and the body, where the ground straps are connected. (You should have two straps, one from the + battery post to the body (or the engine) and the other from the engine to the body.  Bad battery connections can stop you dead in the road.
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    Check the voltage regulator battery terminal and wire. That’s where the rest of the car gets it power. 
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    SMART OLD OLD-CAR GUYS use OX-GARD by Gardner Bender on every electrical connection.
    Prevents corrosion.  If you don't know about it, then you aren't smart nor old {or you most likely would KNOW}

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