Wanted Hudson Metropolitan

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I ran into a guy today that is looking for a Hudson Metropolitan.  Anyone know if one is for sale?


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    Your best bet is going to let him know to join the Met club , there arnt many Hudson Metropolitains around only about 500 or so . 
    Best of luck ,B
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    I've never actually seen one in person. Wasn't the only difference from the Nash the badges, grille, and hood?
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    According to the book, "The Metropolitan Story," by Patrick R. Foster, on page 58 it reads, "The Hudson Metropolitan was identical to the Nash Metropolitan except a Hudson badge in the grille replaced the Nash emblem.  Reportedly, some were also fitted at zone offices with Hudson wheel covers, although by then the factory supposedly was fitting "M" badged hubcaps on all Mets." 

    This would have been in 1954 when Hudson and Nash dealers began selling the Metropolitan.  
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    That's a very nice looking Hudson "Met" via Craigslist.  By the way, you can purchase a reproduction of the plastic Hudson badge used on the Metropolitan.  https://www.ebay.com/itm/304043490809?hash=item46ca677df9:g:3HwAAOSw0Y5g08n~  This will allow you to purchase an early Nash "Met", just switch badges and "no one will be any the wiser."
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    Vintage coach (Bill Albright's) (909) 823-9168 in Fontana CA. has a '54 metro I sold to Jason many years ago' (Still there) . 
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    Thanks have passed on to the interested party.
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