Re-fitting '53 Wasp front dome light

dalmadalma Posts: 11Member
I've had a new headliner put in and now want to re-fit the dome light above the windshield. Can't find anything in Body or Owner's Manuals on how to replace dome light globe. I've dismantled the light to clean the glass and polish the surround. I can feel the switch and the hole where the light goes under the headliner but am reluctant to start cutting holes in it until I know how the light is fitted. The base plate on the light has slots that look as if they are pushed up to fit two rods in the base fixed to the roof. Do they?


  • LanceLance Posts: 1,026Member
    dalma, those 'holes' are to slip around the 4 'bumps inside the dome light base. The dome light lens base needs to snap over those bumps in order for it to stay put. Attach the dome light base first . Then cut a rectangular hole to match the cut out on the base. Push in the dome light lens(with dome light base attached) onto the come light base. Done.
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