Terraplane tranny question

5433HET5433HET Posts: 99Expert Adviser
I recently lost 2nd gear in my '32 Terraplane. Upon inspection,  we discovered it was a 
2nd and 3rd synchronizer snap ring that had broken. Is it possible to replace that snap ring without removing the tranny? Such as cutting a small piece off the snap ring so it will fit over and into the groove, without disassembly. Anyone ever do this? 


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,314Senior Contributor
    If it is the internal snap ring that holds the second gear to the  front shaft, there is no way to fix this without removing the transmission. 
  • tigermothtigermoth Posts: 448Expert Adviser
    The ‘32 had synchronizers? 

    My ‘35 gearbox has no synchromesh.

    Regards, Tom
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,314Senior Contributor
    Paradoxically, the Hudson-built transmission was called "Synchro-shift" in spite of the fact that it did actually have no synchronising mechanism. It did have constant mesh gears, with a sliding sleeve with dog teeth that engaged top and second gears.  However, the 1932  Essex, and '32-33 Hudson had a one-off synchro transmission, though I have never seen none.  It looks like a standard Borg-Warner unit to me, by the parts catalog. 
  • JACK356JACK356 Posts: 205Member
    Special as configuration. My survivor Hudson EIGHT of 34 has the non-syncro speeds.Weird to have put syncros and to have made a comeback in the back.
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