53 Hydramatic Question

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Hello everyone. Our present project is a 53 Hornet with Hydramatic and I have an ignorant question. The car and the engine/trans didn't come from the same place. The car seems to have been originally the dual carb setup, the engine not. I then learned about all the shift and kickdown linkage being different. We've rigged some throttle linkage so we can move the car around the property.

So here's my question: can we do some test driving with the kickdown lever on the trans just hanging? I'd think so, but have done a lot of reading and they discuss the importance of that kickdown being adjusted correctly. Nobody seems to have ever written about test driving the car without it hooked up at all. Any advice appreciated. We'll get it connected eventually. Thanks!


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    Briefly, Car will move without but effects the shifting. Best you run a length of wire (Coat  hanger size wire) then hook to what ever linkage you fabricated to pull forward with linkage. That Rod controls the Throttle Pressure shift points so better to bring slightly toward the motor rather then just hanging down while you move it around.. Ideally floored activates passing gear. Later you can fabricate a rod with a turnbuckle (if cant locate original), then when drive the car on road you can lengthen or shorten the rod for ideal shifts.
  • beaverbikesbeaverbikes Posts: 39Member
    Thanks for this Ole Racer.
  • Ol racerOl racer Posts: 2,582Senior Contributor
    That Lever, if not connected somehow to linkage will let trans shift right into high gear if you go out onto roadway ....
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