Buyer Beware!

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We had a member post his phone and email in the body of his post requesting parts.  He received a call from an individual who claimed to have parts and claimed that someone on the site told him to call.  Don't post your phone and email in the text of your post.  If you click on the users name, you should be able to see their email or communicate through other mechanisms.


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    same thing happened to me . claimed he was moving. sent him $350 . never heard from him again.
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    Great reason to join the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club and purchase items from reputable vendors that are also members.
  • 5433HET5433HET Posts: 92Expert Adviser
    If they request western union money,  cancel that order!  Always insist on using USPS money orders!
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 773Senior Contributor
    Anyone have a name, etc to be on the lookout for?
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 222Member
    I bought I bought some stuff from Nevadvic, hope he’s legit. I sent a check and now my email replies give me failure to send notices. Lemme know guys
  • cheyenne7271cheyenne7271 Posts: 222Member
    Plus all of his discussions are closed, seems suspicious 
  • 5433HET5433HET Posts: 92Expert Adviser
    Lavar. From nevada
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,207Senior Contributor
    I know Vic from Nevada, and he's always been honest.
  • Fred_PitzFred_Pitz Posts: 38Member
    What is the protocol on posting complaints when you purchase parts from a regular contributor/seller on the forum and get burned?
  • akcoopakcoop Posts: 334Administrator
    Normally we leave it to the two parties to work out.  We will remove comments that are disparaging or accusatory because this is about the hobby not place for hosting a "he said/he said"  discussion.  Also none of us have time to pretend to be referees in an online forum.  Has the party in question offered to return your money in exchange for the parts returned?  Usually that is how it is handled.  If you suspect they may not give back your money you could always use an escrow service if worth it.  Hope this helps.

  • CRHarveyCRHarvey Posts: 1Member
    I see the comments above about members being scammed.  I am also in the AACA and Horseless Carriage Club.  I recently asked for information about steering box parts for my 1920 car on the AACA site.  Because some members said they might have parts or information, I posted my phone number.  A couple of days later a guy who called himself TJ said he was cleaning out his dead father's house and had some parts and information about my Jaycox steering box.  One thing lead to another and I sent him some money but the parts never arrived.  He actually called me back several times, why I don't know as he is obviously a scammer.  What good does it do to have all this useless security to get onto the car club site when any scammer can just join the club, pretend to be an old car owner and then rip us off.  I see no way to be sure that anyone we talk to on these sites is legitimate even if they have joined the club, unless we know them personally.  I am 77 years old and have been in HET for over 30 years but sadly people I used to know such as Bill Albright and Jim Harmon and others passed long ago.  I know very few of you younger folks.  If anybody has an idea about being more secure about trading parts, please let us know.  
    PS A note to Al Saffrahn:  I cleaned up the generator and regulator that you sent me and they are working fine on my 48 Hudson coupe but then I have know you for over 30 years.  Thanks again Al.
  • 5433HET5433HET Posts: 92Expert Adviser
    CRHarvey,   TJ. JT. Lavar, the same guy, his last number/location was northern California. His dead father left him piles of parts,all of which you are looking for. He's educated on Hudson parts,so it's a bit disarming. I recognized his voice 6 months after he scammed me the first time, so I nipped his sales pitch and gave him a few choice words about him cheating me out of $250.
    I'll never use Western Union again, they offer no protection against scanners. Beware of this fast talking scammer.
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    I sell a few parts once in awhile. I work on the honor system, and send parts out. If the buyer is happy, then they send me the money. I have only been burned once by a member. He said he was getting old and had no memory of ever talking to me......It was disappointing, but I still think the big majority of car folk are honest. I was never going to use the parts anyways, so I was mostly mad about the $20 postage and time to box it up.
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    Perhaps one method of testing someone for honestly selling vintage car parts who you don't know or someone else can't vouch for that person is to use some bogus information about that particular part.  You could make up a false part number, a certain way the part looks. etc.,.  If the "seller" says, "yeah, that's the part" based on your untrue description, then there's your answer.  This, of course, isn't fool proof especially if the "seller" really does his homework, but it could help.  It's a shame it's come down to this. 

  • jalbernazjalbernaz Posts: 12Member
    I posted a WTB parts message in AACA forum, for my 1926 Studebaker, informing my email. Some weeks later I got an email from Bob Chris, offering parts. He said was 87 yo, and very afraid of covid19. Tried to get more info about the parts and he just sent me a picture of the car he would be wrecked to sell parts. He was always complaining about his age and illness, that he was trying  to sell for while without success, so he decided to sell it in parts to get money during quarantine period. I requested picture of the parts I wanted, he avoid to send them saying he would need his  mechanic remove them from the car first, and requested payment in a wire transfer to his daughter. He also liked to mention the daughter and grandsons, his honesty, and to tell me to wash hands, use mask and be careful with covid19. He priced the parts fairly. Investigating further, I found the car he sent the picture in Canada, and talked to the owner, no ideia of selling parts of it. This same seller was alson mentioned in an antique Norton motorcycles forum, in a similar case. I fortunately did not pay anything. 
    The fact is anyone can take pictures on the internet and sell anything. Covid19 is also providing good excuse to such cases, unfortunaly.
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    Can't  the FBI or someone do something  about this scam it would be wire fraud 
  • RichardDRichardD Posts: 723Member
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    Seems to me if you would use PayPal you wouldn't have a problem. I never have; they basically warrant transactions. Track shipments, etc.
    If they don't do PayPal, kiss them OFF.
    But maybe things have changed during this year; everything else has.
  • Fred_PitzFred_Pitz Posts: 38Member

    Back on April 22, 2020 I asked about the protocol if you get ripped off when buying parts from a “regular” on this forum.  I had wrongly assumed that people on the forum were both competent and legit.  Beware of “good old boys” with over 800 posts from Concord NC.  As you can see “akcoop” replied the same day.

    I purchased all 4 window surround moldings and a pair of drip moldings for a step-down coupe.  They were laying face up on a piece of ½” flake board with a single sheet of used corrugated cardboard laying over them and tapped around the edges.  No padding or other protection over the moldings.  The moldings were overlapping each other.  A 21" x 75" piece of flake board is very heavy.  UPS handled the package with their usual care.  There were quite a few obvious dents in the cardboard and matching dents in the moldings.  This is packaging guaranteed to fail.

    The more I see on this thread the more I think that there must be a better way to protect each other.

    I guess my question is “is the forum run for the benefit of the hobbyists or for the benefit of the click that seems to run it.  

  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 580Expert Adviser
    I think we should look up the sellers name in the HET roster  no name no deal my 2 cents
  • PaulButlerPaulButler Posts: 900Administrator

    To take your question above "is the forum run for the benefit of the hobbyists or for the benefit of the click that seems to run it.".

    This is called the "Open Forum" because it's open to all (not unlike Facebook). As it says in the introduction the club host this under their main web site.

    I'm not a member of any clique , just someone who volunteered a few years back to help Aaron administer the various websites the club have.

    Full disclosure, the club comp me my membership every year for so doing, does that compensate me for the time I spend every week? Nowhere close but I do it because I want to give something back to the club , I like the people in the club and in helping people like Aaron out who puts a damn sight more effort than me into keeping the membership side running smoothly gives me a good feeling.

    We can't be responsible if there is communication between people initiated via this site that results in a poor sale. That is , I'm afraid, a matter that needs to be handled between you and the seller and I assume you've been in touch to dispute it?

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience, these things do happen and we hope that they don't.

    I have also said before that I will remove any posts that attempt to defame anyone in any way (I'm not suggesting by the way that you have) however we can't be seen to be allowing that. 
  • Fred_PitzFred_Pitz Posts: 38Member

    The “regular” on this forum is in the HET roster.

    I am not being critical of the forum or the Administrator.  I am just commenting on a problem we all face when buying long distance from someone we do not know.

    I have not disclosed the person’s name other than in a PM to Aaron.

    “Comp” memberships and other “perks” given to the people doing the work are fine.  There is no way to pay them for the time and effort put into this.

    No, the forum can’t be responsible for deals made on it and there bad guy’s everywhere.  That is why I am commenting in the “Buyer Beware” thread.  I made the deal and I am not blaming the forum. 

    I am not smart enough to tell anyone where to draw the line on posts.  It does seem like there should be some way to highlight problem sellers.  (maybe I am the only one to have a problem with this person).   eBay’s percentage of satisfied buyers is pretty good, but it is probably way too complicated.   Things like this can easily turn into a “Reality Show”.

  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 566Expert Adviser
    I had a bad or perhaps funny experience. A friend went interstate to buy  a 1937T car. Because of fires and police cordons the car was loaded up quickly and he drove home. I also bought two 1937 running boards from the same interstate person. My friend kindly brought my running boards back with his 37T car. When I went to get my running boards both friend and I found we both had 1939 LEFT RUNNING BOARDS ie 4 lefties. We both have told the interstate well known Hudson man but no compensation was offered. Ive made excuses of age and health for his mistake. We all make mistakes. We both can let this bad experience go and just laugh about it.
  • bwight52pcmkrbwight52pcmkr Posts: 4Member
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    5433HET said:
    CRHarvey,   TJ. JT. Lavar, the same guy, his last number/location was northern California. His dead father left him piles of parts,all of which you are looking for. He's educated on Hudson parts,so it's a bit disarming. I recognized his voice 6 months after he scammed me the first time, so I nipped his sales pitch and gave him a few choice words about him cheating me out of $250.
    I'll never use Western Union again, they offer no protection against scanners. Beware of this fast talking scammer.
    Sounds like your guy went by Martin Gerard Peloquin for me. Wish I read this before my post as he got me for 600. for 37 Hudson 8 parts. He is very educated on Hudson parts, and had a very convincing story. I got played a fool. Hopefully someone can learn from my mistake.
  • 50C8DAN50C8DAN Posts: 2,068Senior Contributor
    I just got a call from a guy in N. CA, says his name is Charles Alan.  I am looking for some '52 Nash Rambler rear brake drums and he says he has them.  I am a bit skeptical. I had posted a want ad on the Nash club site and all of sudden he calls up and says hey I have '52 Rambler parts.  Phone number is in N. CA 415 AC.
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,192Administrator
    Does the Nash club have a forum like this one?  You might try asking that question there, to see if anyone's had dealings with this fellow.
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,207Senior Contributor

    Yes, the Nash Club has a great site where you can find a wealth of information.

    You have to be a member to join. 

  • tomruetomrue Posts: 39Member
    The guy with the dead-dad got me too.  What a well mannered thief...
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