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The Technical Topics books 1 & 2 are now printed.  Anybody requiring a copy please email me at  (Leave out the first "NZ")  Those who have already ordered, you have been emailed direct.   These are a collation of the last twenty years of   Technical Topics articles as printed in the W.T.N. and the N.Z. Triangle.     Cost $40 per book + $60 postage.   


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,316Senior Contributor
    Update, first printing now sold, awaiting second edition from printers.  
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,316Senior Contributor
    Second edition now received from printers.  Please contact me direct for orders.   U.S.$140 for both books posted airmail.   
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    I just got mine and if you have not ordered them yet you may want to before they are gone these books are a GREAT read in these tough times thank you so much Geoff and put me down for your future books.
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,316Senior Contributor
    Just received the third printing, so books are again available for immediate posting.   Thanks for your support
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    So Geoff... Seeing how that postage cost doesn't add value to anyone but the postal service... Have you considered going through a self publisher and just selling through their web store? That would lower the total cost to the buyer, but not impact you. Just a thought.
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    No, have not considered that option.   I would need details of how to go about that.  I realise postage costs are a deterrent, but  this is a low volume enterprise, mainly responding to requests over the years to put in book form.  
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    I recommend you check out this company: 
    I've used this company for years to make photo books of the kids each year for the grandparents. The rest of the family has begun doing the same because they're so easy to make and come out looking like a commercially printed hardback book. Their quality is fantastic and they have no issue printing one-off books.
    I haven't published or sold books through them, but I've researched it for work related purposes. You can choose to publish your material in the Blurb bookstore as softcover, PDF, or hardcover and make it available on the Blurb bookstore. Simply steer your customers to the store, they choose their preferred format, and pay with a credit card. The book is shipped direct to the customer. Blurb sends you a check or deposit regularly. You also set the price, so you set your profit margin. Cost of printing or distribution is baked into what the customer pays. It really is that brutally simple. POD, or print on demand, has revolutionized publishing and streamlined it like never before.
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    Thanks, I'll investigate.   As I said, this is not a big deal, certainly not entered in to as  as a money-making scheme, but as a service to club members.
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    Geoff  just recived my books today they really look great and alot of knowledge well worth the wait thank you very much
    More people  should get they while they can
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    Send me an email regarding purchasing a set of books from Canada

    Dave Eddie

    drop the ...

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    Dave,  I received my volumes recently, and it's great reading and very useful information!
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    Just letting you all know that last printing  have all been  sold, thank you to all who ordered.   Will await further orders before getting another printing done.  
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    Wish someone could do the same with all of George Schmidt's writings.
  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,231Expert Adviser
    Nevada Hudson the SoCal chapter has all of GS articles scanned and on their website.  Heard that the SoCal site is now sponsored by HET Club?
  • Nevada HudsonNevada Hudson Posts: 1,222Senior Contributor
    Glowplug said:
    Nevada Hudson the SoCal chapter has all of GS articles scanned and on their website.  Heard that the SoCal site is now sponsored by HET Club?

    I'm a member of the Southern California Chapter, and yes, there are bits and pieces of George's articles in every newsletter. Bob Ross inquired on how to publish them in book form. Don't know if the Southern California site is sponsored by the National HET club.
    You can ask Paul Butler.
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    The socal site ( is now hosted on the HET server and has been for a while.

    An offering that we have made to various chapters is if they would like space and have an suffix we will happily accommodate that.

    That means that we handle all the security , certificates , backups etc. for the site however we don't administer it in terms of content etc.

    At the moment there is no charge for that however if a site was large in terms of content then we'd charge a nominal amount per year to cover storage costs etc.

    I am also opening up the ability for chapters to store newsletters etc. under the club banner as well. That is currently being developed and should be available to all Chapter Newsletter editors in the near future.  

    I just need to sort out the correct permissions for it.
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