1937T flywheel

barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 554Expert Adviser
I took off my flywheel to replace because of worn teeth and the cork area. Interesting rubbing damage close to mounting bolts? Was it loose on the crank at one time? Found a replacement that looks identical apart from the rust. I have only wrecked 6cyl motors and this one appears to have come off an 8cyl, or was used on a 6 cyl. There are 2 UDC marks. Curious. Thanks for any comments. Barry


  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 4,058Senior Contributor
    Barry, that 8 cyl. flywheel will bolt on to your 6 crank, but the clutch will not fit it. The 8's used a 10" clutch.  Check the bolt holes closer to the edge.  You  can use it if you convert to the bigger clutch.  
  • barrysweet52barrysweet52 Posts: 554Expert Adviser
    Thanks. I was pushing myself at dusk to get one more job done and should have seen this. 
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