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It had been while so I took the door key and locked the driver side door to my Stepdown.  After that I couldn't get the door to open, even though the door knob was pulled up.  The key would push and pull the interior knob, but the interior handle nor the door handle button would open the door.  I had to use a homemade "slim jim" to get it opened.  Now the pin that goes into the door latch won't move and the outside button and interior handle still don't work.  I sure would like to know if I can fix this without taking the door panels off...


  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 556Expert Adviser
    I think your going to have to take if off sounds like the clip that holds the rod came off the outside  door handle 
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 916Expert Adviser
    I'm afraid you're right.  
  • LanceLance Posts: 908Member
    Let me know if you need any help Jason.
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 916Expert Adviser
    Lance said:
    Let me know if you need any help Jason.
    You know I will.  In fact, I will probably be looking to you for any parts I need.  
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    Not trying to hijack this thread, but I was wondering in what year Hudson changed from pulling the inside knob up to lock the door, to pushing it down to lock the door? I think it was pull up to lock through at least 1947.

    Thank you, and take care,

    Steve Bryson
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    Ken U-Tx said:
    And yes you can bet your sweet patooty that you will have to remove the garnish moulding. , the interior handles, the vent window assembly, the roll down glass, the rear part of the felt channel, and the lower metal channel that felt channel fits in before you can even get the door lock assembly out. Loads of fun!
    I took off the garnish moulding and the interior handles off.  Are there instructions in one of the repair manuals that tells how to get the rest of things mentioned in this post out?  
  • GeoffGeoff Posts: 3,987Senior Contributor
    The body Service Manual covers this topic.  Page 6
  • JasonNCJasonNC Posts: 916Expert Adviser
    Don't need a service manual if you have Lance Walker living just 65 miles away.  This guy drove to my house and brought a replacement door latch (plus a ring gear I need) with him.  To top that off, he installed it for me within 20 minutes.  You don't find friends like that every day.  
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    That’s the difference between a HET guy and a lot of others .They come by say yep it’s broke drink your last beer and leave 
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