Ignition coil needed

ValVal Posts: 831Member
Does any one have the 6 volt ignition coil for late 1930's Hudson's they would part with? The one that has the four (4) tabs to lock the cap in place that holds the ignition wire.


  • ValVal Posts: 831Member
    It looks like this, I need one if anyone has it. P/N IG 4656  
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,019Administrator
    Ebay is a good place to look.  Some of the Hudson coils fit other, more popular makes (like Chrysler Corp.) so they are not so hard to come by.  Exactly which year and model Hudson are you looking for?  Someone may be able to offer an alternate part number (or even an interchange from a different coil manufacturer.
  • ValVal Posts: 831Member
    1939 model 92 
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 7,019Administrator
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    Try looking for the IG-3224JS.  I think that the 4656 may include the coil and its bracket (which you presumably already have, attached to your firewall).  If you look on Ebay you will find several IG-3224JS's for sale.  They also fit Chrysler and Plymouth from the 1930's so are not terribly hard to find.  I think the current crop for sale on Ebay are a bit expensive (some, well over $200 starting price), so unless you're out of time you might want to sniff around for a better price.  

    For example, here's a recently completed Ebay auction with one of these coils. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1935-1937-1939-1946-dodge-desoto-chrysler-nos-autolite-ignition-coil-IG-3224JS-/323883000578  Nowhere near $200!
  • ValVal Posts: 831Member
    Thank you Jon B I will look for that as well 
  • BigSkyBigSky Posts: 449Senior Contributor
    Val, In the past I’ve bought a regular 6volt coil at NAPA for around $20.   It can be hooked up by taking the top (with cable) off the original one if you need to hook up a new one to test run the vehicle & diagnosis if it is the coil having issues.  Hope it help!
  • ValVal Posts: 831Member
    BigSky, Thanks for the info, I'm aware of that as I have done that before. My original coil is good but the tabs on the side that hold the cap, 3 of 4 are broken off. And I would like to stay with the original type if possible   
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