Is this sign legit

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Some guy asked my opinion on this sign. It is painted tin, not porcelain, and only one sided. 42". I have not seen one that wasn't porcelain, and usually when I see this version it is 36". I think the club had some made at some point, could this be one of those?


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    I'd thought it is fake. Reason being if it's painted then the sign writer commissioned to make it would have given it to the dealership to mount it. Why has it no mounting holes after all these years. Surely wasn't ordered and then left in a box. Sounds suss to me. 
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    If a reproduction, it would probably have been silkscreened, not hand painted.  If real, it might have had some sort of metal frame holding it, and that would have had mounting holes.

    There were large Hudson signs that were non porcelain because I own one.  It is similar to the design below, is steel, and is silkscreened on both sides.  It must be about 4 ft. wide (it's not here in the house so I can't measure it).  These originally hung in a metal frame in farm fields outside town, with the dealer's name (on a separate sign) hanging beneath them.  That's where I recovered mine in 1966 -- in a field in Indiana.

    So, there is a possibility that this painted tin sign was designed to hang by the roadside and send customers to the Hudson dealer in town.

  • HansHans Posts: 70Senior Contributor
    I have an earlier Hudson sign that is painted and has raised letters and trim.
    Looks like from  late teens or early 20's 

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    Here is a photo of a couple of pages from the Standard and Approved Hudson Dealer Signs catalog, of which I have a copy of, that shows the sign that I believe Jon B mentions he has.   
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    Joe Phillips had as in his post at Hershey for $2,500.  If he still has it, it probably is on sale at the swap meet this morning.
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