47 Windshield installation

Lklemm1Lklemm1 Posts: 57Member
Does anybody have tricks or tips on installing new windshields in a 47. Getting ready to put mine back together after paint with new glass, just want to know any ideas before I get started. Do it myself or leave it up to a glass guy? Any instructions available?


  • charles4dcharles4d Posts: 481Expert Adviser
    Google putting in a windshield flat glass
    It will show you how it easy to do use it just looks hard I put mine in the 1940  but I read the book when I did mine they do it the same way as the service manual says to do good luck Charles
  • 40indianssgmailcom40indianssgmailcom Posts: 78Senior Contributor
    It appears to me the most difficult part of the installation is cutting and gluing the new windshield rubber surround to the vertical center bar rubber piece. If this had been made in one piece it seems as though it would be simplified. As the pieces from wildrick come the instructions are minimal and you only get one chance for each side. But it wouldn't be fun if it was easy. Use a string with windex as lubricant on the rubber and a good friend to install then the application of sealant and clean the mess with wax and grease remover or possibly paint thinner? Wear surgical type gloves and old clothing that you can throw away. I just need to find the courage to start
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