Chassis Dimensions 28 Essex

ensignmanensignman Posts: 44Member

Does anyone have or know where I can find the Chassis frame dimensions or schematic for my 1928 Essex Super 6 4 door Sedan (saloon), I want to get the frame checked to make sure it is straight?

All I can find on the literature is the wheel base of 110-1/2".



  • Jay GJay G Posts: 385Expert Adviser
    You should be able to do this yourself easily. Measure the frame using identical points front and back in an X pattern. Guess I am not too articulate. Pick a point on the front right and measure to a point on the rear left. Get that measurement. Then measure the same point on the front left to the rear right, same point. The measurements should be identical. If they are off you may have frame damage or a bent frame. Also put a level on the cross members and see what you get. So if the front cross member is straight and level the rear member should be straight and level also. If not again there may be problems.

  • ensignmanensignman Posts: 44Member

    Thank you for your comment, I will follow your instructions. Waiting on access to a lift to make it easier.
    I noticed that when I replaced the rear springs, one side was more difficult than the other to refit. On the same side of the car (RHD, so it is the divers side) the drivers door has dropped and also the rear door seems to move on its hinge when closing although the mould lines are quite good on the rear door, the shut lines are a little out. Needs further investigation.
  • Jay GJay G Posts: 385Expert Adviser
    I have similar issues with my 28 that I am trying to piece together. Remember there is quite a bit of wood wrapped by sheet metal. (well on mine anyway) So I noticed the wood has shrunk away in spots due to age and changes in humidity. In fact the body mounts are loose because of it. It also looks like there may have been thin spacers under the body to get everything to line up properly. Well on my open body car anyway. I am surprised how flexible the body really is. All that said there are some good wood preservation products that will help stabilize the wood and strengthen it. It will never be a strong a fresh wood but it is a start.

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