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HUDSON BUYERS BEWARE.  There is a scam artist trying to sell Hudson hard-to-find parts operating in and around Hayward, CA under the name of Chad Conn with an accomplice by the name of Curtis Covington.  He even has a cell phone number 510-3340-8351 which is listed for San Jose, CA.   He is offering any Hudson part you want for dirt cheap prices.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of this jaybird, please report him to the CA Highway Patrol or local police department before he finds an unsuspecting HET club member.



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    Not that I live anywhere around the West Coast, but thanks for the "heads up" to us unaware HET Club members who probably don't know of these nasty individuals out there.  I'm wondering if Conn (is that his real last name?!!) & Covington are pretending to be selling other hard-to-find auto parts like Ford or Chevy that would give them a much larger "customer base."  It is to be hoped that they've been apprehended by now or soon will be. 
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    Thanks for heads up. 
    Looks like the gentleman in question has been blessed with a very suitable surname.
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    they contacted me today in response to my add for a blue front seat!
    Curtis Covington 510 203 2959, thanks to you guys I was not surprised this morning
    to get a call from that area code, I've passed the info on to a few people they might
    not want to here from. a real piece of @#@#
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    The area code these days means nothing with mobile phones. This guy could be anywhere.
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    50C8DAN said:

    The area code these days means nothing with mobile phones. This guy could be anywhere.

    Just making you aware that regardless of the area code these guys are still at it,
    thank you Ben
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    I Just received a call from this same Guy 510-203-2959 with a real convincing story about his dad just passing and leaving him with a bunch of Hudson parts, some of which I was looking for. He had no no abilities to send pictures or any way to accept payment other than Western Union. He was claiming to be from Reno NV. A big thank you to another member of this forum to turning me onto this post before I sent this Clown any payment!
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    Glad you didn't get taken.
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    Maybe it could be posted in next WTN also?
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    Hmmm, Western Union payment only? Talk about a "red flag." I wonder if this individual isn't from Reno NV, but someplace like Reno, NI (Nigeria) instead.
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    A similar scam is run on Craig's list only they want to send you a check for more than you are asking. Of course the "bank check" is a fraud. They usually want up front money through a Wall-Mart money order.  Guess the Western Union is similar. Lot's of bad guys out there ready to get us old guys.
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