TV Auto "Restoration" Channels Rant

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Another thread on the forum mentioned the cost of restoration and some of the TV shows. That brings up one of my pet peeves. No, it's not the radical customizing Vs. Restoration. I think most of us have an interest in cars that extends past our beloved Hudsons. So I bet a bunch of us watch these channels. It's the Damn NOISE! All these shows have a sound track that uses guitars and percussions amplified into distortion. no, not in the background but OVER the dialog, The content of the shows themselves are great. Why do they put that distracting crap over the dialog? I turn the volume down to a livable level and then can't hear the information. Velocity channel is the one I watch most, but I am sure there are others.  My only explanation is that they younger folks that produce those shows have already damaged their hearing listing to that junk in their youth! LOL.

I get a kick out of those shops that "build" a car from a catalog. everything from chassis to engine and body, out of a catalog and donated for the exposure. I would like to challenge them to do a Stepdown... from a catalog. With a sound track that is decipherable. he. he.


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    Dave, have you tried turning on the Closed Caption (CC).
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    onerare39 said:
    Dave, have you tried turning on the Closed Caption (CC).
    My wife and I are 38, in perfect hearing health, and watch EVERYTHING with CC on (TV, rented DVDs, etc).  Between bad sound editing, ambient noise such as dishwasher, or people mumbling or indiscernible accents, it's truly needed.  Makes a WORLD of difference. 
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    I can still watch an old re-run of Overhaulin' ( I don't think they're doing that one any more) 'cause they didn't do the constant bickering and insulting of one another. As you said, most are just a huge advertisement for someone's parts house.

    I think that Chip had it right when it came to presenting the hobby as a wholesome activity.......even though he didn't appear to have enough body piercings and tattoos.

    I miss their show even though I think the deadlines were bogus.


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    Yea, Fooze was applying surface inchancement  to the top of a pickup, looked like it was 1" thick, maybe it takes a lot of labor to longboard off the sculphure, what happened to metal finishing?  I mainly watch these shows for amusment,  That's what they are    
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    And why do they pay somebody to play steenking music at a car show where you want to talk to the people that came to see your car?  when I fire up the old straight eight in the 47 pickup so they can hear it run, that's the only music I wanna hear.
  • KustomKreepsKustomKreeps Posts: 346Member
    cant say i ever notice it.
    And i kinda like the tracks i do notice.
    I need more car shows people. Down here on the bottom of the earth NZ we are seriously lacking.
    I really want to watch Full Custom Garage but cant find a download link.

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