Hudsons through Lusk, Wyo

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Today. 9/11/15, I saw a Hudson Twin H Hornet (driving Miss Daisy) candy apple red with a NasCar winner sign on the front and a Hudson Super 6 coupe go through Lusk.  I saw the same cars go through last year too.  It is obvious they were cars you could go anywhere in.  I think they had V8s in them as they had dual exhausts and they sure did not sound like the Flat Heads.  I would like to know who owned the Hudsons so I could visit with the owners about the conversions they did to the cars.  I have three 1950 Hudsons, one of them is in pretty good shape.  I would like to have my Hudson in good enough shape to drive anywhere like the two cars I saw today.  Does anyone know anything about the two Hudsons I saw today (both had Colorado license plates)


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    Good Spot.  Not sure who you saw, though.  

    I'm taking a little assumption here about your post.  Keep in mind that Hudsons do not need V-8's in them to be in "good enough shape to drive anywhere".  Many folks drive their Hudsons all over the country with their original equipment in them.  There's a fella out on the West Coast who routinely drives his '53 clear across the country to New England and back and has done do a dozen times in the last dozen years.  There's an Austrian woman who is currently driving her '30 Hudson around the world.  

    The hardened chromium alloy blocks go a long way in Hudsons enjoying extreme longevity that other marques do not have.  There was around 150 cars at this year's Nationals in Colorado Springs in August and many were driven there from all corners of this country.  

    Also, dual exhaust is not exclusive to V-8's.  I have duals on one of my step-downs.  Many folks do.  Even run headers.  

    You might want to look into the possibilities of restoring your Hudson with Hudson power.  There's actually no feeling like it in the world when barreling down the road in your vintage Hudson with an inimitable Flathead at the helm.  
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    Yep, mine has the flathead 308 with headers and dual exhaust, and I drove it 1550 miles round trip to Colorado Springs., CO and back from Plano, TX. No need for a modern V8 in my opinion.
  • RL ChiltonRL Chilton Posts: 5,135Administrator, Member

    And here's a pic of Ken on his way there!

  • DannyDanny Posts: 2Member
    i have a 1950 Commodore 4 door that i got for $50.00 in 1969 and a 1950 Super Six 2 door brogham Sedan that i got a couple of years later for $35.00 that i abused horribly with hill climbs and ditch jumping . They put me through highschool and more . The engines never did faulter.
    i guess you guys convinced me  to keep the flat head six.
    What do you guys do about the 6 volt positive ground  system ? Do you go to electronic ignition? Do you go to an electric fuel pump? Is there a place to get a new clutch? Is it hard to find a rebuilt water pump, fuel pump, starter, generater, etc.?
    I hope you will excuse my ignorance but i have the time now to do get going with my Hudson or maybe Hudsons.

  • GlowplugGlowplug Posts: 2,008Expert Adviser
    Explore my webpage, the answers to your questions and more is there. Good luck.
  • 48rob48rob Posts: 53Member

       I think the reason so many people ask the same questions you did, is that they only have experience with worn out, un-maintained old cars.

    The original systems, IF restored or well maintained work quite well. If everything is worn out, the rumor perpetuates and soon everyone thinks you need modern systems and a Chevy V-8 for the car to be dependable and drive-able (not just for a Hudson, for any old car). Worn out modern systems aren't much good either...
    Parts are not hard to find, and certainly less expensive than throwing everything away and replacing them with something newer.

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    Once you buy a Hudson there are a lot of questions and even more answers on what to do with them and how to rebuild them.  Somewhere near you is a Hudson club that can help you with these questions.  Also, this website is also a good source.  Becoming a member of the Hudson Essex Terraplane Club is an excellent choice and a visit to a regional or National meet will give you a number of sources to interface with.  Remember, make it stop, make it go, and then make it pretty.

    As for me and my 1954 Hudson Hornet Special.  I am building a dependable driver with the intent of driving it to various Hudson activities around the Western United States.  It will not be a full restoration and there is no desire to have my car judged by any of the various car shows.  If that was my goal I would simply visit a different gas station each week and sit a few hours there while people looked at my car.  However, you will need to make these decisions, but the process and friends you gain along the way are well worth it.

  • keithfullmeryahoocomkeithfullmeryahoocom Posts: 376Expert Adviser
    I agree, Brownie.   I'm constantly making decisions about which way to go.  I find myself constantly torn between the idea of making it a drivable car in today's traffic with today's fuel, and the desire to show the respect to the original designers and builders by keeping it original.  It's a continual compromise...k

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