How to Post a Discussion (make comments)

Jon BJon B Posts: 6,958Administrator

1.  You must be signed in to originate a thread or post (i.e., make comments on the forum).

2.  Left-click on START A NEW DISCUSSION in the upper right side of your screen

3.  On the page that opens, first type a title.  Be specific.  Don't say ,"need advice".  Say (for example)  "Marvel Carburetor Problem".  This will attract the readers who can help you.

4.  Using the "down button" in the small window, select the particular category (or sub-forum) which best fits the theme of your discussion.

5.  Type the body of your discussion in the large white window.
     You may "quote" text from an existing post by finding that post, and clicking on the word Quote to the left of the date / time in that post.  (You may quote multiple posts in your thread.)  The quoted text will appear in the body of your new comment.  You can continue to add comments below the highlighted

6.  Type in TAGS.  These are single words that describe the subject of your discussion.  For example, regarding the problem with Marvel carburetors, you might type "Marvel", "Essex", "carburetor", and so on.  THEN, when you or anyone else is using the search box to find all the threads on a particular subject, the search engine will use these "tags" to find the appropriate threads.

7.  Insert photos if desired.
     Click here for info on uploading one from your computer.
     Click here for info on inserting one that already exists somewhere on the internet.

8.  Click on PREVIEW to see how your message will look, if desired.  Click POST DISCUSSION to post it.

9.  Once you've posted the discussion, you can always click Edit (it's next to your name at the top of the discussion) to revise it.


You can NOT delete a post (starting a thread, or replying to one) once posted.  You can ask your nearest friendly moderator to do so for you!  Click on the "flag" and type in an explanation of why you'd like the discussion removed.

Also, please "flag" any other discussions or individual postings if you feel they violate our standard practices here (such as use of obscenity).


  • DavidCDavidC Posts: 367Senior Contributor
    Please help, now I'm not seeing any 'write comment' box when I try to start a new discussion!

  • BillUSN1BillUSN1 Posts: 271Member
    I would add to right click and copy everything you just typed before hitting preview or post. "If" you did not click the "<>" reveal code button on the tool bar first or the "write comment" button that is above the tool bar, then all text will disappear and you will have the red band stating a body of the msg is required. Which you just typed and lost.
    BTDT got the T-shirt about 5 times already. I'm a slow learner.
  • bartibog1bartibog1 Posts: 283Expert Adviser
    some one polease help have tried all the suggestions
  • Jon BJon B Posts: 6,958Administrator
    Steve, did you see the discussion labeled "WYSIWYG Issue (?) - "Body is Required" ", under the "Instructions and Tips" category?
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