Chucks Modified Twin H manifold

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Here is a note to me from Rudy Bennett-
Kerry, This is how the Heavy Iron Intake is made better as per Chuck on his engine. He spent lots of hours removing cast iron and it looks good as well as it works. ( there are lots of Twin H manifolds out there that are broken inside so, Do this modification on them and save them + lighter weight and it is still Hudson-Twin-H-Equiped.)
the manifold runs much cooler


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    That Intake looks Great... Glad to see another Dual Set-up made with larger Carbs because the Twin H Runners are near perfectly tuned to each Cyl.....
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    I have not seen this done before. I can see it will be less effort lifting off and putting on. Lee
  • That's a sweet looking set up. I have a 49 Commodore with the stock 6. Is it possible to bolt on a Twin H setup to a 49, or is it a different block? Also, I dig those headers. Did you make them or can they be ordered? Thanks, Rick
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    is there any tuning balance issue without the balance tube? Great way to save busted manifolds, great work.
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    The twin H bolts up perfectly to any 232,262 or 308.
    I don't think the equalizer is of much use unless you are useing vacume wipers. i'm sure someone will question that, but I have blocked off my equalizer tube and didn't see any difference in performance. The Unisyn was a bit more responsive.
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    The headers are from Clifford Research and that ugly heater hose and steel tube is the balance tube. They will be connected to the lower ports on the 2-barrel Rochesters very soon,but they tune just like the orig.set up.
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    Why are so many pictures missing from these older posts? And there are so many 'deleted users' Why is that.
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    This entire "Hudson Open Forum" was once a part of the forum section of the "Classiccar" commercial website, which started in the 1990's. Classiccar had forums for many makes of cars. The Hudson was the largest of all the forums at that site. In 2014 Classiccar was bought out by a competing website, which no longer wanted to run the forums. So they offered the forum (which by then had tens of thousands of individual postings) to the Hudson club. At the time the forum transitioned to the Club, it was necessary to have people re-register in order to use it (a technical issue). Plus, a lot of the photos were lost in the transition.

    If an individual who had previously posted topics on the Classiccar forums decided not to re-register with the new Club forum, then the computer would note his old topic as having been written by a "deleted user". Those of us who re-registered, however, were able to retain our names from the old Classiccar forum.
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    Thanks JonB.
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    no pictures posted ?
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