Dirt Guard Question.

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Attached is a picture of the dirt guard for the master cylinder on my 52 HH does anyone have a picture of what it should look like and an idea of the size, also what is it made of. Thanks for your heip.


  • The material itself was called 'tuff' (really). A nasty rubber and ? mix.
  • Was that simmilar to the flaps in the fender well ?
  • Yes simmilar material, I would like to see a pic. and find out where to get close material.
  • Mudflap material.
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    The Rubber House has a similar material - fabric laminated in black rubber- a bit over 1/8 inch in thickness. WALT-LA
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    We have these already made at Wildrick rubber parts
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    Doug, any estimate on when you'll have an on-line catalog up and running?
  • Does anyone have the dimensions the flap should be.
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    Otto: Big enough to cover the Hudson's naughty bits.
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    I have used bits of conveyor belt material for this as well as the rear "mud flap' on 51's and the small piece that connects the strut member from fire wall to the frame. Conveyor belts come in every size and shape an exact replacement is available.
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    I bought one of Ken U’s repro master cylinder flaps for my 51 and it fit and looks like original. He also has the brass fitting and copper washers for the rear of the master cylinder.
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    Contact Ken at xxxKNNU21@yahoo.com w/o the xxx
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