If GM goes under...

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Then how will the value of my 73' Chevy Nova be effected? I have been trying to sell it for the past 6 months or so and am now wondering weather it would be better to wait to see what happens to GM before I go through with an offer. What do you think? Will there be a significant change after/if they go bankrupt? Would it be something worth waiting for? What do you expect the change to be? Sorry for all the question, I just need some help. The Nova is in great shape, no rust, all original parts, just needs some interior work really. I have it up now for $6,500.



  • Regardless of what happens with GM, short term values will not change. It is doubtful that GM will go out of business, maybe file for bankruptcy and restructure itself. Or, they may sell off Chevrolet & GMC. It appears restructuring will win out in the long term
  • I agree with Ted, prices of Chevrolet classics will not change. G/M will not go under.

    Personally, I think they need this wake up call. Maybe they will start making something unlike the rest of the automotive world and get away from this "jellybean" style. Time for some inovation. And if not, who cares if they go under. They then deserve to.

  • Thank you, I will go ahead and sell my car then
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  • I don't think th GM brand is going to die. However, regardless if it does or doesn't I don't think it will affect the price of your vehicle one way or the other.

    The bottom line is that if a car is desirable, it will stay desirable. And a less desirable car won't ever become more becuse the name is gone. I don't think it GM goes out of business we would all be running out to buy a Chevette or Citation!! Haha
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    It's Government Motors now. That will not affect the value of your old car. GM hasn't made a '73 Chevy in, what, 36 years now! Enjoy your car. Don't let the morons that run the country ruin your fun.
  • Morons???????????? Morons !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You're being to kind Patrick

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