Clasic Car Show in Washington...

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I am right now finalizing a classic car show to be held the whole month of January in Washington, DC. This is intended to coincide with the inauguration of the newly elected president which is expected to draw more a million people.

For those who might be interested, please give me a PM here as i am always checking this forum.


  • A month long? Why? Plus, that particular crowd in general, are not exactly fond of cars, period.

    Again, why? What venue do you expect this show to occur in, where cars occupy it for a whole month?

    Sounds like BS, but hey, if you really think you can pull that off, more power to ya!

    Publish where, how, and what the arrangements are! Let's see what you have! I wouldn't be able to make it, but I am very curious about this month-long "show"...
  • Doesn't sound like that "month-long" show is anything other than a thought, I'm guessing???
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