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I want to put two, 2 barrel carbs on my 76' 232. Anyone know if these are available somewhere?:confused:


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    Whaaaaas up Royer?!?! Since it looks like nobody looks at this area here. Let me tell you my secret plan.:D I want to put a twin-H looking set up on my rat rod!! Muahahaha, genius! No?!?! haha I figure if I can get the intake and carbs, I'll make the air cleaners. ...Don't tell anyone, but I'm thinking of making them in copper! Cool, no? What do you think?:D

    By the way, since it's just you and me. What have you been up to bro?:)
  • After I posted the webers, it dawned on me that you might be wanting to put Twin H on your Essex. It sounds like a good idea to me...but you might have to make your own two carb manifold. Or put on a 4bbl Clifford manifold and connect the two aircleaners with a cross section, sort of how the guy here in Vegas did with his supercharged Hornet. BTW, copper works for me, it'll get a nice patina after a bit.

    Nothing much going on here, just work, work, work. It's a lot of just 'being here' stuff here at work, so I do get some time to read the forum! I just need to figure out how to get my Hudson in the piano showroom so I can work on it while I'm here...
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    Maybe I'm just day dreaming, I'll probably never get around to it. But, I think the Twin-H thing would be cool. With all of the jeeps and AMC stuff out there I can't believe nobody ever did a 2 2barrel set up for a 232.

    As for your car at work, maybe you could put up a movable screen around it. Like they had in the olden days for the ladies when they wanted to change thier clothes? That might work.:D
  • Yeah, but getting it in the front door might be tricky.

    Hey, are you bringing the rat rod to San Jose? The old guys will need something to talk about!
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    Hey Royer, what's up man? Well I guess I've looked all I can to find the intake that I wanted. It doesn't exist. I did however pick up a little metal melter that would allow me to cast my own!!!:eek: Wouldn't that be cool. I guess all I need now is someone to tell me it can't be done, or someone to double dog dare me!!! haha:D

    Oh and as far as getting your car in your show room, have you thought about maybe tipping it up on it's side? haha:D

    By the way, the rat rod is a bit unsafe to be out on the road (for me). Maybe one day though.:)
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