304 AMC or 350 Chev swap into 65 American

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Hello. I am contemplating swapping the 232 I6 for a 304. Will the 304 bolt to the auto trans bell housing? How about the 350? Or possibly a 302 Ford ? What's the best overall fit of the 3? Thanks.



  • G'day mate, I just got back from Sydney last night. A friend here in Brisbane QLD has a 65 American with a 343 fitted. I will find out today sometime on how you can do this exchange.

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    G'Day Steve mate,

    How did you go getting the email for that guy with all the Ramblers in W.A.or was in S.A.

  • oops i forgot... I will speak to Allan Smith tomarrow and get John Ivey's email for you. He has a few nice cars there including a red and black Marlin and a white 66 Classic convertible, I think you may know these two cars mate.

    Have you seen those pictures os his collection? I have some here in my computer. I will email these to you.
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