Hudson Pickup Tailgate Hinge Mystery Solved

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I'll admit right now that original nice 41-47 hudson pickup tailgate hinges are hard to find, rusted, broken, and missing is it. for years I've been told to use 48-54 chevy pickup hinges, slot holes, squeeze down ends. but they don't look nothing like hudson hinges. I guess repos are out there, but I want original hinges not welded pipe. well, found 3 Willys civilian pickups, a 1951, 1954, and a 1955 that a friend own, and low and behold, there are the hudson hinges!! made by the same machine, exact in every way! the only difference is hudson had the hinge rotate in the inner sleeve in the tailgate, willys tacked it to the hinge so the sleeve rotates in the tailgate. same exact sleeve between both. wow, these are easier to find! and for some reason all of his were nice and solid! I had one good hudson hinge to compare to, so this is good news!


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